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Default Re: Eleven Rack + Boss ES-8 = Noise Issue ??

Originally Posted by junkgear View Post
It sounds like the level or gain coming into the 11R guitar input is hotter than what you would get from the guitar itself. You probably don't notice it on low gain amps since there is still some headroom, but on amps that already are boosting the gain a lot, the extra boost up front will cause noise.

Try picking a clean amp in the 11R and plugging your guitar directly into the guitar input. Play something and take note of the volume of the guitar. Now plug the ES-8 into the guitar input of the 11R and your guitar into the ES-8 and play the same thing. If it sounds louder, then you need to try and pull the level down on the output of the ES-8 that driving the guitar input of the 11R.
Hi junkgear,
thanks for responding. The output level can only be lifted and not lowered. But I think this is not the problem.

I think I figured out that simply my guitar is the problem. I play a Duesenberg V-Caster.
I removed a bit of Hiss by re-ordering the cable paths. Now I have the same noise with the guitar plugged in directly into 11R as when I plug it into ES-8 and use 4CM. The noise more or less disappears when I use the tone knob. This seems to be a thing with the circuits in the guitar. They are a bit unconventional in this model.

But still I am thinking about using Boss's NS-2 in my chain. But I don't really know how to set it up with the 4CM. It's quite confusing. Maybe you have an idea?

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