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Default Re: 2019.6 vanilla/ HEAT not always working

Originally Posted by xrekcor View Post
...How are you liking HEAT? I watched a couple of vids Dave Hill put out there and listening through both my studio monitors and a fairly decent set of headphones. Sounded pretty appealing to me.
Love it!
I saw these tips'n views:

Originally Posted by Bob Olhsson View Post
HEAT sounds appropriately subtle when you drop the level of each track down to -20dBFS=0VU or lower with clip-gain and then mix with it on. It doesn't sound good when hitting it any higher than that or after the fact on a mix.
Originally Posted by Bob Olhsson View Post
Clip-gain gives you lots more control over HEAT.
(I also prefer "9:30 to 10:30 AM"):
Originally Posted by tetonica View Post
... I love HEAT. At first I was using HEAT's tube saturation (drive turned to right / clockwise) but now I set HEAT to tape saturation (drive knob to left / counterclockwise) and it feels more smooth and pleasant. It's all about the SOUND (which is wonderful) but the tight / seamless integration in Pro Tools allows HEAT to really be set it and forget it.... either recording or jamming HEAT is on all the time!
Yet to test "HEAT messes up LLM Delay Compensation":
Originally Posted by edwinstar View Post
Hi everybody,
I decided to start a new thread, because i think this is an interesting issue, probably even a bug:
What's the issue? Record enabled Track plays ahead of rest of Session before punch in and sounds super-not-groovy!
Normally when I have a Session with let's say 2500 Samples total system delay, use Low Latency Monitoring (LLM) and then decide I want to punch in on an existing Audio Track, looking at the Delay Compensation Numbers I can observe that even when record enable is pressed, existing Audio playing before i punch in will be compensated for those 2500 Samples and sounds right on the beat.
BUT: when I have HEAT activated, the existing Audio on the record enabled track is only shifted 430 Samples instead of 2500 and as mentioned above, sounds super-not-groovy!
Only Solution: Turn off HEAT Globally!
Anyone else experiences this? Is it a bug? Should I report?
Hey Rob - if you have the time to try the Trial:
Originally Posted by unkJE View Post
Workaround - anybody care to test?
My “old” HEAT license works with 2019.6 (“Vanilla”) – but I had to install the latest iLok License Manager, deactivate then reactivate the “old” HEAT license in iLok License Manager, then synchronize the HEAT iLok.
Therefore, the 30-DAY TRIAL should work for those using 2019.6 (“Vanilla”), who want HEAT today – if they follow the above steps in ILM.

And - so as not to derail the OP (hitsville):
Originally Posted by hitsville View Post
Anybody else getting this? Sometimes I launch PT and open a session and HEAT is not available anymore. No option to set it on, it just disappeared. If heat was used on the session I’m opening I get an error message saying something like the original session includes heat but my software doesn’t have it. Quitting and relaunching Pro Tools usually fixes it. Am I the only one experiencing this?
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