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Originally Posted by Jamie Mac View Post
How on earth can a “budget s6” cost more than a s6 m10-8-5?

For the cheaper s3 style faders 10-15k would have been a more sensible starting point.


S4 8 fader: 24000
S6 8 fader: 22000

S4 16 fader: 38000
S6 16 fader: 41000

S4 24 fader: 53000
S6 24 fader: 57000

They are FAR too close together in price to be marketed for smaller studios, you’re better off spending more on the s6, because of the way better faders.
yeah... This initially peaked my interest but I picked up my 32 fader M40 on used market for 40 plus a support plan They've been on market long enough to find decent pricing if you really want an s6 over the s4. Maybe a new s6 is coming soon though that will make the s4 pricing make more sense.
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