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My first dumb thought was are we finally getting eq curves on the Control App? (You know the thing that was shown on the Dock product pages for marketing at the beginning and never materialized. Hopefully marketing isn’t doing the same stupid thing again)

Also hope automation match indicators come to the Control app for those channel strips shown on the S1.

Part of me wonders if the S3 fits in now. Also like the new S4 MTM (looks better than the S6 with displaying the 7.1.2 panners in the main area.) Also the tilt up knob unit (which I saw Jeff do on the S6 but haven’t seen the means to do built-in for our S6s)

Interestingly, looks like the process units won’t be available for the S4 according to Westlake but all other modules will. Seems a strange oversight. I wonder if the S6 M10 config is dead now (and to some extent the S3).
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