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Default Re: Tryint to use SPDIF with digi rack 002

Thanks for the reply Dave.
I'm not sure if my monitors have balanced inputs, I'll have to check when I get back home tomorrow. I guess I could be having phase problems too. At this point I'm beginning to suspect that the Schiit DAC is not going to cut it. Will probably need to get a real studio quality DAC with balanced outputs.

Well yes the DIGI 002 preamps and converter are suspect. That's why I'm trying to go SPDIF then firewire to disk. The fact that the DIGI headphone outputs were working at all is what originally made me suspect that I was maybe not getting digital directly from my ADC to the disk. The DIGI has to be running ADC on the SPDIF because there is no analog connection to it.

And thanks for the info on your room treatments, that will give me a place to start researching.

About what size is your acoustic room?

BTW, my name is Mike.......... but no one calls me Dave.
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