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Default Re: Tryint to use SPDIF with digi rack 002

Point well taken. In my phones I hear a glassy, rich, airy sound. The bass is full even with light gauge strings and a capo. My voice sounds transparent with a bit of 'snap' in the upper frequencies. You can hear an audible sort of click when my lips part at times.

Coming out of the monitors, the crispness of the highs is gone and the bass sounds muffled, weak. But the vocals are the worst. It sounds as bad or worse than when I was just using a straight digi002 with a dynamic mike.

The reason I became suspicious that I was not getting direct digital was that the headphone out on the digi works. Some there is some D/A converting going on somewhere.

I will take your advice and try to isolate the issue. However, one thing you mentioned may be the issue. I am recording in a room with virtually zero treatments. Cement floor with only a small rug, chipboard walls, no curtains and mostly empty. That might explain why the phones sound good but not the monitors. It's basically a workshop.

Thanks for you advice.
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