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Default Pro Tools won't maximize after minimizing

When I minimize Pro Tools 12.7 HD Native to clear the screen to work on some other files, it won't open to full screen again. I need to right click on the task bar icon and choose my last session, which appears in a pop up menu, and then Pro Tools "relaunches" after a window asking me if I wish to save before opening a new session.

This seems to be a new issue. Shouldn't it just "maximize".? Any ideas?

EDIT: This keeps getting weirder. Now my keyboard (Ctrl+=) allows me to switch from Mix window to Edit window, but it won't switch back. Time to reboot the computer I think.

Media Man

Pro Tools 12.7 Native HD
Avid 192
Dell T-5610 dual Xeon, E5-2650 x 2
Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

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