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Default Re: Articulation with drum tracks in midi editor

That is going to have to do with BFD not pro tools.

Most likely its another midi note which triggers the different part of the cymbal.

Best to read up on BFD itself. and the kits.

I usually just click on the notes with either a midi keyboard in the notes few and find the one I want then you can move all the ones that trigger the sound you don't want to the sound you do.

I don't use BFD but I can't imagine it being much different than Slate or Strike...

If you are using a internal BFD midi pattern playing back the sequence then you will need to find out how to export that midi and get it onto a midi track in pro tools for adjusting individual midi notes.

I'm sure that will covered in a youtube video tutorial or in the BFD manual.

In my experience different sounds are triggered by different notes. Like Snare, Snare Rim, and then velocity controls how hard it was hit also like Ride Bell, Ride outter edge...

In all the drum Instruments I have used all different articulations (but not harder softer hits) are done via a different but usually nearby keyboard note.

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