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Default Re: Audio MIDI setup says DIGI 002 midi device is offline

I know this is an old thread but im only having this problem now. The midi actually works and shows up. The audio does not. Installed Core Audio driver 8.0.3. Audio Midi setup will not recognize the 002.

I know I installed it. When opened, the digi manager says it is connected. When I open system profiler the FW bus shows the 002.

yet there is nothing in the library

and my trusty old 828 mk1 works like a CHAMP

here is the software. I have never installed PT on this laptop. Ableton is installed and runs fine.

I have tried EVERYTHING in the many forums for this problem. I have replaced the power harness. The 002 will work on my old (G4) tower with PT installed no problem. I have powered up with the 002 on, off, sideways, while playing drums, upsidedown, etc. tried different ports, cables, re installs, trashing of non existent files (?) preferences and juju. WTF?

I can only surmise that the 8.0.3 driver has not actually installed for some reason. I can find no trace of it in the library /HAL or in the log. any clues or even a sanity check would be much appreciated.
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