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Default Re: Updating iLok licenses for Avid Complete Plugins

Hi Jeffro, thanks for checking it out for me.

I just had a look at my support plan renewal invoices from last year and for Pro Tools I only could buy "Upgrade Plan for Pro Tools" at 105. I have a perpetual license for pro tools, not mentioning any support expiration in the iLok, only in my avid account.

For the plugins I thought I was missing more but it appears I only lost Space indeed, I will look out to buy a used perpetual license. The full bundle doesn't really appeal to me, as I have most of the plugins already in my collection, some I won't use anyway and some of them I have multiple licenses for.. like the Pro Compressor, Pro Limiter... I was given 4 licenses of them each last year which doesn't make much sense to me!

Not sure what happened with the later added value content plugins though, maybe these became part of the PT stock plugins as I can still use them but can't download them anymore in my account.

Anyway, if I run into issues when PT2019.x comes Ill reopen the case.

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