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Default Re: DIGI001 / DELL Optiplex 780

It's just, that I already have / own the DIGI001 and a Nady PRA-8 8-Channel Pre-Amp and possibly investing in a Behringer ADA8000 / ADA8200 .

I would just like to take the DIGI001 as well as the Nady to my new "Drum Room", which is located nearby to where I live .

In my "main studio" / at home I have a PreSonus FIRESTUDIO project
as well as a TASCAM US-16x08 and Pro Tools 11 .

I'd possibly be tracking my acoustic drum kit on Cockos REAPER on Windows 7 32 Bit or possibly go back to as retro as XP and Pro Tools LE 6.4 or hell ... even Windows 98 and Pro Tools 5 .

I know this sounds crazy, but just trying to make up use for all the stuff, that I own .
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