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Default Re: Where to Go for Pro Tools Help?

Originally Posted by Cayce View Post
A few days ago I posted a request for help with a MIDI import problem, titled "Imported MIDI Track Won't Show Note Velocity Colors". So far it's had 127 views, but not a single response. Am I in the wrong place? Is there a better forum where, out of 127 views, one of those viewers might actually have something to say on a given subject? Is it my breath? I brushed my teeth, still no replies. Showered, shaved, put on clean clothes, combed my hair, put a smile on my face, still nothing.

Would be nice to have a source of support, if someone could break the silence and point me in the right direction.


Could be no one knows the answer to the question. You may want to bump the thread seeing as how it's a few days old. Also think about putting a link to that thread here.

Actually this should have gone as a post in that thread.

To quote Master Yoda - there is another (place to go that is) and that's the PT forum over at Gearslutz.
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