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Default Re: From 9 upgrade ?

Originally Posted by jeffro View Post
Perhaps you are comparing perpetual and subscription?

A 1 year subscription is $299US, but that stops working at the end of a year. You can subscribe again (monthly or annually) as desired.

The $599US perpetual license never expires, so you can continue to run the latest version provided during your Update Plan's term.

Okay please forgive me?

A 1 year subscription is $299US, but that stops working at the end of a year.

But this is what I found ?
Avid Upgrade and Support plans provide software upgrades and customer support for one (1) year.
Once your license is covered by a support plan, you may continue to run your current version of Avid software for as long as you wish; you do not need to upgrade your license or your software. As upgrades become available, you can choose to either accept the upgrade or not at any time during the term of the support plan. At the end of the support period, the software will continue to run and you may use it indefinitely.

Please be gentle.
I what to upgrade from 9, and what I'm reading is (indefinitely). I'm ready to pull the trigger but like so many in the past I heard many stories of this and that ?

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