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Default Re: From 9 upgrade ?

Originally Posted by jeffro View Post
Not correct. We still offer Perpetual licenses in addition to Subscriptions. (Annual Subscription is the same price as a Perpetual Upgrade so maybe that's causing confusion?)

Subscription is a temporary license. With this, you can only run Pro Tools while your subscription is active. It's like renting (which is why it's less expensive than buying a new perpetual license) and you don't need a previous license to subscribe. Might be a better option if budget is a concern or if you have a short term need (e.g. 2 month project that requires 4 systems running simultaneously).

Perpetual is a non-expiring license. This authorizes any versions released over the next 12 months. You can then renew to get another 12 months of releases, or let the Update Plan lapse and continue using your license to run any versions released up through your Plan's expiration date. has more info on this topic but please ask if you need further clarification.
jeffro, and as well as others thank you so much for helping me. Boy being on 9 for so long a lot of things have changed, and great changes indeed.

I'm still on my 003 console, and would I be able (GAIN)or take advantages getting HD vs vanilla ?. Man I'm dating myself.
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