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Default Re: Best way to increase tempo of percussion 1 bpm?

Originally Posted by DonaldM View Post
So, if elastic audio creates an artifact, and no one can hear it, does the artifact exist? (A variation of "if a tree falls in a forest...)
Or, if a man says something and no women are around, is he still wrong?

I agree that EA SHOULD work.....

1-Place all audio tracks in TICKS mode.
2-Enable EA on each track, using the appropriate version for each track(Rhythmic for drums/percussion, Monophonic for Bass and vocals, Polyphonic for guitars and keyboards(not midi stuff), etc.
3-Change the tempo to your desired and watch the tracks(EDIT window) and they SHOULD visually change to reflect the new tempo(midi and Instrument tracks are in TICKS mode by default, so those should change tempo without and extra work.
4-If it DOES sound bad(due to EA artifacts, you can always close the session WITHOUT saving(reopen and try something else).
5-Get the demo of Serato Pitch 'n Time Pro and use it in AUDIOSUITE mode and render audio to the desired BPM(Serato PnT is expensive to buy, but its one of the absolute best options for tempo and pitch change with the least artifacts
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