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Default Re: 3 displays on Mac Pro 6,1 D300

Well shockingly I've got it working. In case anyone's interested, the problem is that although thunderbolt and mini-dp share the same connector, the power that thunderbolt provides isn't available over mini-dp, and there isn't enough juice to drive more than two DVI or HDMI displays.

I've been trying to find an Apple dual-link adapter without success (Apple don't sell them any more and there are very few on eBay etc.) and then I remembered I have a Belkin Thunderbolt dock I'm not using any more. It occurred to me that the thunderbolt "through port" on the Belkin might provide its own power.

And it does. Connecting the HDMI display using a mini-dp adapter but via the Belkin dock, it all works. Obviously this would be anything but a cheap solution if I didn't already have dock sitting around doing nothing.

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