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Default Re: Should I switch to Windows?

Originally Posted by sdmaas View Post
I have noticed by peoples tags that there are many out there that are going a bit over the top with the "custom" computers. All the power to ya, but I recently converted from the super-computer-custom build world to the [simply put] "Pro Tools Qualified" computer world. I literally bought a used "PTQ" computer for $99.
It depends on "how" your computer is used in your studio. If you are using a console and mostly outboard hardware and Pro Tools is simply a digital tape deck then a used $99 computer will work just fine.

On the other side of the spectrum if you are completely "in the box" as I am then the horse power of your computer literally can never be enough.

I've been ITB since the TDM days. I bought the top of the line MacBook Pro when I switched to UAD and it worked, but I constantly found it's limitations. This computer upgrade finally gives me the procssing headroom to not be right on the cusp of bringing the whole system to it's knees.

There are guys that are ITB and using lot's of VI's that would think my latest build to be inadequate...
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