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Default Re: Should I switch to Windows?

Just thought I would chime in again. I have noticed by peoples tags that there are many out there that are going a bit over the top with the "custom" computers. All the power to ya, but I recently converted from the super-computer-custom build world to the [simply put] "Pro Tools Qualified" computer world. I literally bought a used "PTQ" computer for $99. I paid more for my Power Supply in my super computer than that... My results have been quite desirable. No crashes...ever. Flawless sessions time after time. Since I became more conscious of where my "studio money" goes, I have put it to high end gear and not more computer upgrades. The computer is simply not as important as some people are thinking it is. I have proof in my studio now. The equipment used for recording is where the dough should go. My guess is the need for a TB motherboard is to tap in to the emulating interfaces; why not just buy a nice piece of outboard gear if you already have an interface? High-end gear never really loses value. Computers, low-end gear and market fads always lose significant value after 3-12 months. Almost every studio goes out of business eventually whether it be economy, life or loss of interest; do what you can to create and preserve some resale value.
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