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Default Re: "Pre-Echo" Offline bounce problem

Originally Posted by BScout View Post
It sounds like in your setup, the send would be a mono (not a mono subpath of a stereo bus)? Or does that vary? (Only surmising that since the mention of physically re-routing in a machine room.)

This bug appears to be an issue with delaying the whole path equally. I've got three older versions of Pro Tools that I'll try to see if it happened on older versions or if it is something new.
Correct, I would be sending to a mono bus. I'm not saying my mono bus use is analogous to the bug mentioned here. I was only replying to your statement that no one would ever send a stereo track to a mono bus.

My cue scenario is only one such common use of a stereo track being sent to a mono bus.

Another would be a mono send from a stereo track to a mono delay.

The point is, it's a valid use case and the delay bug of the OP is serious and should have been addressed by now.
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