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Default Re: Pro Tools Duet (by Apogee) now keeps losing connectivity on Sierra.

Hi Koh Chi - FWIW, I tried the USB 'hot swap' thing (unplugging and plugging cable back in whilst Mac and Eleven Rack were powered up) and it did work.

In investigating the Avid Duet, it is listed as compatible with Sierra but not High Sierra. I've checked with Avid and they confirm this but have yet to say if they will update as my understanding was that this interface would be supported at least until 2021 ... but if using Core Audio, it should still work (maybe the compatibility issue only relates to the Pro Tools I/O Control app that replaces Apogee's Maestro app?)

Supposedly, the Avid version should work the same as an Apogee Duet when used with a Mac under Core Audio ... but your experiences suggest that it is unreliable even on OSX e.g. with iTunes, Spotify or a different DAW. As the Apogee Duet is generally highly-regarded, have you ruled out a separate issue with your Mac/system?
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