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Default Error , Eucon: The number of allowable hardware channels has been exceeded


Im on a Dell Laptop Studio XPS 1645, running Windows 10 and Nuendo 7.0.40.
If i exceed 39 audio tracks i will have the abovementioned problem only when i engage Track view. I had this problem with the old Eucon driver and still having this with Eucon 3.4. Besides this problem in Track view, everything else about Protools Control running in Eucon mode for Nuendo, im impressed and want to spring for the Protools Dock. But Track view crashing Nuendo when above 39 tracks is a deal break for me. I've tried a different router with a higher bandwidth and still no go.
Avid, help me get this working & i will fork out for the Protools Dock. I think this works better than any low end Daw controller that Steinberg or Yamaha has at this moment for Nuendo.
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