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Default Re: Apogee Quartet vs UA Apollo Twin

Sorry for not including quotes in this reply, but I'm on my iPhone and it's a pain to select n cut out parts of the post I don't want included. Anyways, what additional I/O options does the Twin have over the Quartet? To my understanding, the Quartet has double to mic pres, as well as the 8ch ADAT option, like the Twin.. The Quartet even has a second optical in. Does this act as a stereo (two channel) S/PDIF input? The Quartet's industry standard converters and higher quality micpres than the Twin are definitely a plus.
The only only advantage to the Twin, that I can see, is the dedicated UA plugs and the unison tech. This is a huge plus, but there's still always the option to buy a UA DSP card down the road, if u can get the card for a laptop (although the unison tech would still be outta the picture).
Has anyone else had the chance to try out these two units and have any comparisons to offer? Or knowledge of another interface that excels at this price range? The Twins 899 price tag is doable, the 1395 tag on the Quartet is really pushing it, while the 1999 on the Apollo Duo, which would be my first choice is too far outta my price range.
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