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Default Re: Apogee Quartet vs UA Apollo Twin

Originally Posted by adam79 View Post
Sorry I'm not including quotes, but I'm on my iPhone and it's a hassle. What do you mean that the Twin has more I/O options? The Quartet has 4 micpres to the Twins 2 and has the same 8ch ADAT support. It definitely has more plugin options with its dedicated DSP for UA plugs and the unison tech. Its good to hear that the Quartet has better converters and mic pres.. that goes a long way.

For only a $150 more u can get a used Apollo Duo on eBay, but that doesn't include the plugin bundle promo w the 610 unison and EMT plugs. Some of the used Duos say they come w the Thunderbolt card. Did the Duo come out before the Twin as a FireWire 800 interface?

A concern I have about the Quartet is that it's a USB2 interface vs the Twin's Thunderbolt. This means no zero latency monitoring, right? I'm assuming that there's a usb to thunderbolt adapter, but that's more to free up the usb slots for other devices, right? I've read that if u have more than one usb plugged in at the same time it lowers the speed on all devices connected. Is this true? Plus I've read mixed reviews in the efficiency of these adapters.
Sorry, my bad. Thought you were only talking about the big brothers Apollo Duo/Quad/16.

Yes, the Duo actually comes as a FW interface which you can upgrade with an additional Thunderbolt card.

Theoretically itīs true that a Thunderbolt connected interface has less latency than a USB interface.
However even Thunderbolt offers not zero latency.
You only can achieve that with a direct mixer function (if external as a mixer board or built in).
As long as it is software based monitoring there will be no zero latency monitoring.

Just can tell from my personal experience that I can work most of the time with
64 samples buffer, except with real big sessions with lots of plugs etc. And you even can go
down to 32 samples in many cases.

As to the Apogee interfaces they are pretty cool, I have never noticed that the Quartet is a USB unit
in a negative way. Itīs different to all MBoxes/MBoxes Pro which I also have worked with and no difference
or actually working better than the 003 Firewire.

Sure Thunderbolt is cool. I love it too. If I could afford it I would only buy Thunderbolt drives (PCie Flash drives )
for my audio but I cannot say anything bad about the Apogee USB. It works great.

I decided to buy the Quartet because of itīs really exceptional ADDA in this price range and havenīt been
disappointed so far. It really sounds cool.

As far as I know thereīs no serious Thunderbolt to USB adapter, thereīs only a Thunderbolt to Firewire adapter
but anyway you should not use any adapter with the Quartet. This for sure will cause you issues.
It works flawlessly on every USB 3 port I have used so far but it will not do it via any adapter (if there is any TB-USB).

If you really need a lot of USB connections except to the interface maybe an Apollo may be the better choice for you.
I definitely can confirm that small stuff like keyboard, mouse, dongles and Midi do not affect the speed of the USB in
any way (this is what I do use).

I cannot say anything about a permanently connected bus powered external USB 3 drive but whenever I connect my
additional USB drives (use FW and Thunderbolt to FW on my Minis/MBP for my audio drives) I do not notice anything

If using the Quartet you could get an external drive with Thunderbolt connection for example which would be a cool
solution (if you need external drives anyway).

I definitely understand it if you say it could make more sense to use the Thunderbolt ports with one of the new Macs
as there are 2 available and why not use it? I just can confirm that the Quartetīs USB is working like a charm and you
can use it with decent low latency.

You will have to find out for yourself whatīs best for you particularly.

Wishing you the best of success and a happy new year!

Cheers, VRW

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