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Default Re: where to buy oxford chipset 911 drives (UK)

you seem to be ignoring the answers.....
Here from digi..
digi site says for osx, use 911 oxford.....and the higher fig oxford chips use for os9
I'm not sure where you're reading that, but virtually any of the Oxford chipset should work fine. We've tested 911, 912, 922 and 924 specifically.
And here from Poster...
On a note about the chips, the chips (911,924,934...) are used in the actual device, you have a laptop with a firewire 400 port and no 800, so you probably only have an oxford 911. the drive you buy would have a different chip depending on the connectors used. If it has both 400 and 800 then it will have a bridge chip(924), this chip does not affect the computer, it just affects the drive... so you can mix and match chips (have a device with 911, and a device with 924, etc)
Anyways there is an actual "On The Go" Mini Drive in the U.K..... Bus Powered.
with the Oxford chip and running at 7200rpm
with Firewire 400, Firewire 800 and USB....250Gb

The Oxford chip info is in the pdf
Main Site....
I have been looking at it Myself
They look good drives.. Good Products.
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