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Default Tab To Transient Wonderfullness

apologies to b.c.
i thought i'd post this since i realized many who work for us were not aware of this feature and i've even seen recent posts both here and at gs asking for this as an update not aware it's already here as a part of 7.4

and that is the ability to adjust the sensitivity of tab to transient.
(akin to adjusting threshold on strip silence.)

which can be cool for many reasons; if you're a Pensado-style paste each drum hit dude, if you like to use separate at transients, or just want to adjust your t2t flow when editing or automating.

it's a by product of elastic audio...

enable it on any track, view analysis, then go to region> view elastic properties.
make sure you have a complete region selected, then adjust the sensitivity window
(by pulling down on the number).
you'll see the number of markers change as you update the setting.
of course you can edit the markers, also, to suit your needs.

from then on the t2t behavior will follow these settings, even back in waveform view

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