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Default Best way to use wav samples

Hi all. I'm pretty fluent in PT, but new at using samplers, so i thought i'd post this question here, as it's kinda basic it seems to me.

I've mostly used PT to record real instruments and have used some virtual instruments that I didn't create myself. Like Kontakt, Arturia synths, and some of the built in stuff in PT. (almost always later replaced with a real one tho...)

I'd like to start getting into pop producing a little more and using some external wav samples I have.

What's the easiest way to a bunch of wav samples in PT? I have several folders of claps, kicks, percussion, loops, and even other pitched instruments. In the past I've just scrolled through in a browser and dropped them onto an audio track manually, but that's a bit tedious.

Can I load them all up into a new instrument in kontakt or Xpand!2 or something like that? I'm sure people must be doing something like this.

Perhaps there are tutorials out there that cover this seemingly basic thing?

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