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Default Re: new install of Pro Tools 2020.3: two questions

Originally Posted by dg27 View Post
I just finished installing PT 2020.3 and all of my plugins. in 6 cases plugins created their own folders within "My Documents," but not inside the Pro Tools folder. I'm assuming that I can't just move them in there, right? (These folders have the presets.)

I've been using Trasher 3 for a while now, but I'm unsure whether I should back up everything that's listed. I know that in most cases you don't restore everything, but I can't remember whether in the past I backed up everything (or whether that's advisable).

Any advice would be appreciated.

I've never seen this before. All AAX plugins should go into the PT plugins folder. You don't even need to do anything; it's automatic. Maybe you should uninstall and re-install those plugins? Was 2020 a clean install? In my experience with Windows things can sometimes go wrong if you install on top of an older version. I don't think Mac users have that problem. If it wasn't a clean install, you may be able to save yourself a lot of trouble by redoing it. You can backup stuff in Trasher if you are happy with what you are backing up. If not, you can always redo it.
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