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Default Re: What smaller(er) control surface for PT19?

If $1K is top of your budget, take a look at Faderport16(Presonus). I ran the original faderport on 3 systems and it actually covered a lot of ground(even on a rig that ran a C24 because I really prefer transport on the left). Currently using a Behringer X-Touch ONE but will probably sell it and get the new Faderport. Biggest reason here is because the Behringer doesn't seem to have any way to select automation modes on the selected channel(even the old faderport can do this).

I also had the 003 for a few years, but really only needed the transport buttons. Later on I moved to an Artist MIX and Transport, but swapped the Transport for the old faderport(Transport had too many buttons that I never used). After having the Artist MIX for 3 years, I found I just didn't need it(but your work flow may be different)

I also like the S3(but not the price) and am hoping for something new from Avid, Maybe an S1 and expanders to replace the old Artist series
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