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Default Re: Professional Mastering, Gapless CDs and Markers?

Originally Posted by The Dougfather View Post
Your mastering engineer is likely to want a red book cd.
Receiving the original high rez mix files on a data cd or dvd or via internet upload is better. A red book cd is 16 bits. Chances are the original mixes are 24/32 bit (It's best to send those).

+1 for an mp3 mock up as Bob O suggested. The least you have to deal with re-importing and bouncing and subjecting your audio to itunes, where in both instances something can easily go wrong before mastering the better.

The main reason I would suggest not using itunes to pepare a disc for sending out to an ME is that I highly doubt that you can burn 24 bit data disc with itunes,... so you will be truncating your files to 16 before mastering, which is not good.

Also, you could contact your ME and see what they prefer.

Tom W
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