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Default Grabber tool won't highlight region

I've seen this happen now and again in the past, and it's pretty annoying. And it's happening right now and I have deadline and I really don't have much time to troubleshoot this thoroughly.

Every once in awhile my grabber tool (and, in fact, also the regular selector tool) won't highlight the region when I touch the region. Instead, the region just blinks (highlights) a few times on and off and then the highlight goes off and the region is just back to regular.

And so then I try to highlight manually with the selector tool and get the same thing, just a spastic blinking of the highlight going on and off, usually ending up off (not highlighted). Anyone have any ideas what that might be about?

BTW, right now this is happening while I'm working with Melodyne, trying to spot the files back into ProTools though I can't say that that's always the case when this happens (sorry, just can't remember, offhand).

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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