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Default Re: Did any component combination ever work properly with PT10 or Logic X?

Originally Posted by dumbeat View Post
Regardless of being officially supported or not, PT10 does work with the S3, however, the function keys on both sides do not work as are the clear solos and such.
Logic X same story. All working excepet for the function keyss on the surfaces left and right sides.

A. Logic is supposed to be supported yet same exact behavior as PT10 which is not supported but IS working the an extent.

What im trying to figure out how to s what is supposed to work and what not so i can eliminate user/ installation errors friday things that do not work-period.

I do nt seem tombe abme to get clear and info. Its quite the nbelievable crom a company that wants the be considered the best in class.
Yes but there are very good reasons as to why things are supported and not supported.

What's the issue with using 11 or 12 as they work fine ? Is there somthing else keeping you tied to version 10 ?

Just to confirm you are now in Eucon 3.2.2 and double checked the firmware ?

If I get a chance tomorrow I will have a look and see what's what with the S3 and logic but I've never had a need.
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