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Default Re: New macbook pro 2018 13' roll back os to Sierra?

Originally Posted by lampmusic View Post
Just brainstorming to see if it was possible on the new MBP that come with mojave pre installed.
No, it isn't.

Because Apple does not backport drivers of new hardware to old operating systems, you cannot use older operating systems on newer hardware. Drivers are not downloadable from but instead come with the operating system (naturally starting with the version they originally shipped from the factory).

Either you need to forget Sierra (easy to upgrade to Mojave really, and 2019.5/2019.6 work really nice with it) -- or you need to be such a knowledgeable guy that can copy drivers needed from the current operating system install. I suspect you aren't that guy because you're asking seriously, nobody in their right mind shouldn't even try.
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