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Default Re: Pro Tools 10 Students

Digi Tech Support,

Would you be able to check on the progress of case no or know where to direct my enquiry as to who can.

Your Case has been successfully logged. Case Number: '01773322'

So far...

I have spoken to an Avid rep from a different dept who tried to help but disappeared. They had forwarded my details to the Local Avid rep but no response. I KNOW it was sent because they named the person and their title which i will post here if need be and i really doubt internal mail gets caught in any spam filters.

Spoke to my dealer whom i bought the upgrade off who tried to contact Avid but had no success whether they got through or not i am unsure.

Spent ages trying to find any contact details on Avid site for customer support and also local details for my country. Nothing. Not a single thing. Crazy.

Submitted proof of purchase and an explanation via the web link you posted a few pages ago (the only avenue of address here so thankyou for at least trying to help DTS!) but it has been nearly two weeks and not even acknowledgement other than the case is registered.

It seems like the only way to get anything done is to create a thread and scream Avid is the devil before anything gets done. I have just been humbly trying to get this sorted and have just got nowhere. All i want to do is start using this software and it requires a code to be sent and an internal database to be modified.

Anyway i will leave it here and hope you can help please PM of email me if you can and like everyone else here we appreciate you trying to help so i can wait a bit longer. I just want to get started and avoid my avid is the devil thread eh?

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