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Default Venue & MADI - Sharing a Stage Rack and Word Clock...

Hey All,

While at PLASA this year i had a chance to talk to Mr Scovill about the Stage Rack sharing options available using the MADI card.

So, i'm designing a system for a client which involves having a single stage rack talking to a FOH rack (at FOH) and a MixRack onstage. For operator reasons, FOH will retain gain control, and the MixRack will get the inputs via MADI.

Now in this situation, i believe i have to also connect wordclock between the consoles? (The venue cant clock to an incoming MADI stream).

So the plan is, a Big Ben at FOH to clock the FOH console, Protools (also receiving MADI via an RME bridge/distributor) and the Monitor Console. Question is though, will my wordclock signal be OK down the 120m Coax run to stage?

Thoughts Appreciated...
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