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Default Re: using BFD as sound for triggered drums?

Originally Posted by phoenixisland View Post

I'm new to triggered drums.

I have ddrum triggers and alesis trigger i/o + protools and was wondering if I can use BFD as the sound module.

I've got it working with the signals but when i hit a drum BFD plays a drum beat (a part of one of the grooves no doubt) instead of just a single drum hit.

I'm not finding any docs on this and any info would be greatly appreciated.

also what other drum software will let me play my drums without the automated drum playing. All the products I've read about highlight how they basically play drum parts for your songs.

I'm using BFD2 with a Roland TD4 kit to track drums for a band right now. It works great once you set up a key-map for the kit.

There should be a preset for the alesis, if not just make one. Play a trigger,see what midi note it generates and map accordingly. You can clear all the pattern triggers, although they are usually seperate from the single hits.

There's some great vid's on the fxpansion website for mapping hihats etc.

We couldn't get the cymbals triggering as accurately as the drummer wanted as he plays a lot of intricate I'm using real cymbals along with the v-drums.

Hats off to albee1952 for steering me in this direction
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