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Default Re: Hot swapping FireWire MBox 2 Pro

Originally Posted by rqstudio View Post
Where I come from "disconnect/reconnect" are not the same as turn the unit "on/off" I actually do it quite a bit on my laptop, (w/mini, micro and Ilok/USB) but then again, I like to live on the edge! For some reason I wouldn't attempt it on my desktop puter/003, don't know why, maybe it's the firewire, maybe it because the units need more juice to power up...(Unless your daring as we are, don't try this at home)
Yup, that's why I don't support my own methods here.

Originally Posted by LincolnT View Post
Unfortunately, there is no power switch on the bus powered MBox 2 Pro.

Oh yea that, so back to the original question.
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