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Default Re: Bounce to Quicktime/Catalina

Originally Posted by Reml@P View Post
  • Logic -- Bounce to movie under Catalina
  • Studio One -- Bounce to movie under Catalina
  • Reaper -- Bounce to movie under Catalina
  • Cubase -- Bounce to movie under Catalina
  • Pro Tools -- the audio post/video specialist = Nope

When you put it like that, it's embarrassing isn't it? Over a year later and users still have to find their own workarounds.
Late to the party - I'm one of the lucky ones on Mojave - but this is literally unbelievable. So many AVID users have to use Catalina when they get a new Mac, and their jobs depend on using QT movie files with PT. They've had plenty of time. Why is this not a priority fix for AVID?
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