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Default Re: Bounce to Quicktime/Catalina

Originally Posted by SomeOtherGuy View Post
When all the rumors were flying around that Apple had abandoned the Mac Pro a few years back, Tim Cook came out with a reassuring statement and a release roadmap for the new Mac Pro they delivered last year. Classy, responsive, and responsible, this.

Apple is 1000 times bigger than Avid. If they can do this, what kind of company philosophy is preventing Avid from talking about restoring a missing feature that's needed by such a large segment of its user base?

Cue the usual nonsense about being a publicly traded company that due to US regulations canít forward announce features etc.

Yet many other big tech companies do it. Why is it only an issue for AVID?

Iím by no means an expert, but it doesnít add up to me.

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