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Default Re: Avid support seems like a joke

You are almost certainly wasting your time trying to deal with Avid's Philippine based support. The first tier support seems pretty bad. Better if you get deeper, but for this problem you should be doing lots of basic troubleshooting yourself before trying to go near support.

First thought with CPU issues should always be plugins.

But as always start by trashing prefs. Use Pete Gate's PT Pref utility. Do it now.

But it might be a corrupt session... so try multiple sessions. try with a new empty session not from a template...and build up a session quickly... and/or try the Pro Tools demo session. Does the problem happen there as well??? If not try importing your existing session into a new session.

If you suspect plugins (i.e. not the session) move all .aaxplugin files out of the plugin folder, trash prefs and restart Pro Tools. The standard plugin will be automagically put back... do sessions work now without the problem (but with many of your plugins missing)? If so then reinstall the other plugins (using latest compatible installers) and test frequently as you go. You may find a plugin that was causing the problem.

"Help Us Help You" up the top of every DUC web page has extra information, make sure your system is fully optimized.
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