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Default Re: Waves Studiorack

Originally Posted by studioj11 View Post
well if you track through sound grid monitoring (using studio rack) you can not mix native and SG plugins. you would not hear any native plugins instantiated on the PT track.

I'm a bit less focused on the minutia when it comes to this stuff and rely more on feel and sense of convenience... but as far as latency the only latency that would concern you is on the track that is in record at any given time. And most of the waves plugs that are SG (not all) have minimal (or no) delay, just like they did with TDM. As someone who worked with TDM for 8 or so years I can say this system feels like that even if you are running in SGP mode when you are tracking through StudioRack in SG mode.

But yes, if you are an HDX user and feel you have plenty of DSP to spare then it makes less sense to buy into this solely for plugin hosting. I think waves et al are too focused on that for the HDX user...

the networking thing however is the effing bomb. AND if you are a native person in ANY daw this tech will bring new freedom to your tracking process.
I agree the networking possibility is a beast just like on the REDNET, but would I have the choice I wouldn't buy a dsp box to get the networking when you can pay less just for the networking.

Originally Posted by Bob Olhsson View Post
The studio rack plug-in can be run in input mode with no plug-ins at all to give you 40 sample input monitoring on a project requiring a huge buffer setting.

It took me quite a while to wrap my head around that but this is a revolution for native systems along with being a way to get HDX performance from SoundGrid plug-ins.
Bob, how often do you track without plugin on the input track, no comp, no reverb/delay, no eq? Vocalist needs those things to be able to give a good performance, so does drummers etc. Saying that oh you can run the SG Pluging but have no plugins running in the SGP is kind of pointless, it's just like saying, well I can run the HDX card in I/O without plugins. It would simply be money wasted in either case. Even if you run the plugins in the Mixer ST, the plugins are still requiring resources which means they will ad their latency to the chain.

In any case, the marketing as pointed out toward HDX users is futile, if they push it more as a complimentary system a la UAD then they might have some more interest for some, but right now with how they are trying to pass this as the good news for HDX users.. it's just not working.
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