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Default Re: 11R SPDIF intermittent problems?

Originally Posted by Eugenel0607 View Post
I have a similar problem with my eleven rack. I have a focusrite Scarlett 18i20 and I'm running my eleven rack via S/PDIF.

In my focusrite control, I get input from my eleven rack, but I am not getting any output level in pro tools if I want to re-amp. In the manual of the Scarlett, you have to use outputs 10 and 11 for S/PDIF out because it does not have the same naming convention as the Inputs. I am not getting any output from that.

Is there a posibility that I have a faulty S/PDIF in on my Eleven rack?? Or is there just a routing problem?? I am using S/DIF cables, not RCA. When I'm re-amping, I set my Rig Input to Digital L/R. My output in pro tools to my re-amp track is set to output 10 and 11, which is the outputs for the S/PDIF. And lastly, I set my re-amp track's input to S/PDIF in.

I tested my Scarlett.. There is no problem with my interface??

Pretty please.. Help me..
When you plug direct into the 11R, and you pull up MixControl (or whatever the scarlett one is called, I have a Saffire), do you see the meter moving in the software? It won't move on the hardware, and you have to set the SPDIF as the "input" source in the MixControl for one (or two) of the sliders (and couple them as stereo if you use both. In any DAW I've used, they come out 9/10 on the Saffire Pro40, not sure about the Scarlett, but I'd imagine it should be the same.

Now, if you want to send a raw DI guitar OUT of a DAW for reamp, you have to send to (maybe 10/11? I don't know...) and also you have to set ON THE ELVEN RACK (using the panel or the software, either way) set the input of the 11R to be SPDIF and not Guitar. That might be where you're getting hitched up. 11R can only handle one input at a time, and probably not stereo in. Either mic, or guitar, or line, or spidf. It should then go into the fx pedals, through the amp/cab, and come out wherever you have the output set. Make sure your output on the 11R is not mirror, but Rig Output (i think?). Then you can pump a dry DI into the spdif, and amped guitar will come out of all the jacks (including spdif) so you can arm/record a track to catch what comes out of it while it's playing.

So the Rig Input is digital, that PT track is outputting to that correct buss, and check on headphones directly from the 11R to see if you can hear it. Also check to see if the meters in MixControl move for the 11R when bussing from that PT track, make sure the spdif is coming back to the Scarlett.

If you can play directly into it and have the audio come into MixControl, then your spdif jacks and cables are fine and it's a routing problem. If you can't plug direct into the 11R with a guitar, just use a cable and touch the end of it. Turn on a bunch of distortion and crank the gain on the amp to make sure it registers if it doesn't seem at first like it's showing on the software. Then try to record direct into PT with your cable in the front of the 11R. If all of these work, then it's an input/output routing problem in PT most likely. What version are you on? Do you have another DAW to double check (get a trial of Reason or Ableton, those have easy to read/see metering for multi in/out.)

Good luck!

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