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Default Re: Eleven rack shuts off after few mins

Ok, so I fixed my problem without any unpleasant invasiveness. Two months ago, due to limited room in make-shift studio, I decided to place my 11R on it's side (it's kept in a nice gator gear heavy plastic rack mount for protection and convenience when travelling, which has rubber posts on it's side and bottom. Never had any problems with leaving it in case permanently.). After a week or so, said problem started to occur. Until one day, a couple of my brain cells created a synapse and I decided to lay it down flat like it traditionally should be. This didn't immediately fix the problem, took a few days. But now, it's been about 2 weeks and my troubles are over dude. I am only posting this because that's what we do right? Hope this can help some idiot like me out someday. So lesson learned. Don't get cute. Do not store (or run) your Eleven Rack on it's side. Put it down flat like it was designed to be. I still love this thing
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