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Default Re: ProTools price adjustments from July 1st.

Avid’s announcement actually says “In addition, we have decided that customers currently subscribing to Media Composer, Pro Tools and Sibelius will not have a price increase, however they must continue to keep their subscription current in order to maintain their existing price. ”

The key word is “subscribing”. The ‘no price increase’ statement only relates to subscription licenses, not perpetual licenses.

Avid’s announcement then goes on to say this in respect of perpetual licenses ...

“For those of you that are currently on Perpetual Licenses, the increase ranges from 0-33% on new licenses depending on the product and type of license. As an alternative to renewing at the new pricing, there are incentives for you to cross-grade from your current perpetual license to subscription, like decreased pricing and additional functionality, depending on the product. We would highly recommend that you look at those options as you consider your next renewal.”

So, the announcement itself simply glosses over (i.e. fails to mention) the revised pricing for annual support/update renewal of EXISTING perpetual licenses, instead focusing on incentives to get people to switch from perpetual to subscription licenses.

In fact, if you look at the perpetual software renewal prices, you see that the price has not changed for Pro Tools Ultimate software owners, at $399, but is doubling from $99 to $199 for Pro Tools owners. Yes that’s right, a 50.25% increase actually (as a 50% increase would have made the new price $198).

So Jfreak’s comment and DJ Hellfire’s posts in this thread must be read with caution .... the no price increase assertion applies to subscriptions, and to Ultimate perpetual support/update renewals, BUT NOT to Pro Tools (standard) perpetual license support/update renewals.
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