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Default Re: Feature request:- Export Missing Files list from the relink window as a text file

Yes as Frank said, it's for lassoing the stray files that Media Composer has skipped in it's export of AAF's, in particular, Linked AAF's exported with a folder of referenced media.

Apart from dieffe's clever technique mentioned earlier, all I'm after is a file list with a link path to the original AVID files that allows an assistant editor to locate these quickly.

As a side issue....I'm working on two projects at the moment that are using very slightly older versions of Media composer that are not playing nicely with ProTools in regards to AAF exports. Subsequent PT sessions made from these AAF's initially report heaps of files offline, but in fact many are not required, and AAF's that do not find the MXF media that is actually present on my drives.

My best options have been to request all MXF media via an encrypted drive (for data security in transit) and then to always get delivered the MC Bin so that I can wrangle my own deliveries when things go skewed. If I use the current version of MC it seems that many of these export bugs are ironed out in terms of talking to PT.

I'm on PT Ultimate 2019.5 btw.
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