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Default Re: ilok License Manager & HD11 Upgrade confusion

Hi Bruce

The iLok issue is now resolved and I have managed to successfully activate my PT HD11 Bundle in ILM. Thank you very much for that. However, now I have issues when trying to load PT HD11.

I get a couple of error messages. The first is:

'Could not create the TCE plug-in's factory default file because a AAE error was encountered. AAE error 0 was encountered.'

I clicked ok and then I got a 2nd error message:

'Could not create a new document because Assertion in "/Volumes/Development/124699/ProTools/DFW/MacBuild/../Views/", line 1547.'

I have a Pro Tools HD Native PCIE set up on a 6 Core 2010 Mac Pro running OSX 10.8.5.

Can you please advise what the problem is? Or can anyone else chime in?

Thanks very much.
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