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Default Re: Using 3rd Party MIDI Patch Name files in Pro Tools

The midnam and middev specs were put together by the MIDI Manufacturers Association, so you might want to check their site; but, the last time I looked, there was no info.

I wrote a middev editor as part of CherryPicker (2.62) and basically used all the tags I'd come across in looking at whatever files I could find put out by MOTU, Digi, and others. My gut tells me that none of the apps that use midnam/middev actually respond to 99% of the values in a middev file - all they really care about is that the file exists, and that its name/manufacturer correspond to the midnam - which contains the name info. They might also respond to the bank select switches.

The basic problem with all the midnam/middev stuff is that each DAW implements a different subset - and none (AFIK) uses all of the available tags. MOTU files are not always compatible with Digi etc. I wrote an app called CherryMangler that converts an entire MOTU folder into a Digi compatible one - it also generates a Digi middev file. If you use this, you can use CherryPicker to add expansion patch names to just about all synths, since MOTU includes them in their distribution - and there are many sites where you can download the MOTU folder.

I'm not trying to plug CherryPicker, since I put it out as basically freeware - but you might find it useful to look at the documentation (which is on-line) where I try to explain some of the nuances of midnams/middevs.

Cheers, Rob
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