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Default Re: How to get the Digi002 controller work with Pro Tools 12.x on Windows 10

Originally Posted by DIGIDO View Post
Thx a lot for the quick answer!
Sh...t! Had a little hope, to make it run.
Latest Digi003 driver -> Check. Not the solution.
Change Firewire Driver -> Check. Now using the legacy driver. Not the solution.
I will try the TI Compliant driver (TI is Texas Instruments, isn't it?), but maybe I have to change the firewire pci card.
Tried a Digi003r, but there was even no sound, perhaps because of the firewire card.
New hardware is the best idea... it may be a Pro Tools HD with a DAD AD/DA Box, but unfortunatly I'm not Bruno Mars

I still get a loading the controller-personality error....
If it don't works, i will perhaps sell it to a Pro Tools 8 User...

What about Eucon controll,... can there be any methods of configuring it via Eucon controll...?
I know this is an old thread, but my reply might help those when they search for this topic

Just wanted to say that even though Avid states the drivers wont work with the 002 console, it also says they didnt test it. I am running the latest PT version on my MAC Pro (El Capitan) with the 003 Family drivers installed and my 002 is fully functional. After installing the drivers, a restart, running the driver manager and another restart the 002 works as it should. Now whether it will with PC based machines I don’t know if the same procedure will help. But it DOES work fully with Mac and the latest version of PT. Jusy sayin’

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