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Default freezing track will not render automation

Hello everyone...
hoping someone can help me out as I've tried many solutions and still stuck with this issue/bug; Running pro tools 2019.6 on a macmini 2018. I'm having the following issue:
have a midi track with Hammond Organ (Air DB33) recorded on one track. whenever I freeze that track to free some CPU, automation of the track such as sustain pedal will not be rendered creating all kinds of dissonances and unresolved chords. I tried changing the playback engine settings... all different options. I still can't get the track to freeze with this basic automation. If I bounce the session or commit the track, I still have the same problem! hammond sounds with a sustain pedal that has a life of its own. going nuts with this issue. I even deactivated a bunch of plugins and then froze the track again but I'm getting the same problem. The sustain pedal stays stucked the whole time. Checked CPU usage and it seems completely fine; not close to "danger zone" by any means. Anyway...hope someone can help me with this one. Thanks much in advance.
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