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Default Re: Favorite Saturation Plugins - Does Anything Touch Decapiator

Originally Posted by adam79 View Post
Just going off my experience demoing Pheonix II, I'm sure HEAT is great. Especially that it integrates in some way w/ PT.

Have any of you tried AA Crimson? I demoed it a while back but don't remember being that blown away.

I'm gonna demo izotope trash 2. I think that's distortion, not saturation, but if it sounds good...
I seem to remember you want to save money where you can right? If that's right stay away from any Acustica Audio plugins - not cheap and they don't sound all that good except to a certain group over at Gearslutz.

Trash 2 is pretty decent but like you say it's more distortion but it is so flexible and relatively inexpensive to boot compared to other saturation/distortion plugins.

Depending on what kind of saturation you're looking for you should take a look at Waves J37. I know it's a tape deck simulator but can do that type of saturation. If you're lucky/savvy you might even be able to pick it up during one of their $29 sales.
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