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Default Re: HDX card still only shows 256 tracks

Ok thanks. Iíll try it out when i get some time later on this week. What downsizing plugs are you using? I have DTX neutral but Iíve never really figured out how to use it correctly.
Originally Posted by reichman View Post
The quick answer: there are two legit ways to do it.

1. Do everything at the highest track width in your session, so everything is 5.1, for example. Then duplicate your mix and stem busses and add downmix plug-ins to make stereo mixes and stems. Very easy. Sounds fine in most circumstances.

2. Run the alternate mixes from sends on your tracks. So the entire stereo mix would run off "MIX 2.0" or whatever. Not as easy, but sonically more flexible since you can tweak level and pan independently of the 5.1 mix.

The biggest reason to work this way is that any tweak you make to the mix or the edit updates all output versions simultaneously. Clients expect this.
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